Bridge staffing gaps

Mentava's software-based daily tutor is designed to fully support students in their learning journeys. As students become increasingly self-sufficient learners, teacher bandwidth increases. With more bandwidth, teachers can focus their time on the most critical interventions, without sacrificing the learning needs of the rest of the class.

How it works

The key to Mentava's success is allowing students’ learning to be fully self-paced. In school, “gifted” classes are typically 1 year above grade level and just stay there. Schools don’t consider that an accelerated pace of learning compounds over time. A student who can learn 2 years of material in a year should be 1 year ahead after 1st grade, 2 years ahead after 2nd grade, 3 years ahead after 3rd grade, and so on. Few schools are equipped to handle students who learn so quickly.

Mentava follows the “flipped classroom” educational model. Rather than relying on a teacher to teach material, which requires all students to progress at the same pace, we follow a learner-centered model in which a student can progress as soon as they understand a topic. We use software tools that support adaptive, individualized learning, while teachers monitor student progress and give supplemental instruction to the students with the highest needs.


Mentava's reading program is based on cutting-edge scientific research. Our priority is building experiences that educate students, not just entertain them.

Mentava is not an app designed for passive consumption; it's a comprehensive learning solution tailored for excellence. Informed by best practices from leading educators, our software-based daily tutor is built to deliver unparalleled effectiveness in learning outcomes. We pride ourselves on our efficiency, with an intuitive design that reduces administrative workload and accelerates educational progress. For school administrators seeking to elevate their institution's academic standing, Mentava is the premium choice.