Impact learning at scale

Mentava's software-based daily tutor is designed to fully support kids in their learning journeys. As students become increasingly self-sufficient learners, teacher bandwidth increases. With more bandwidth, teachers can focus their time on the most critical interventions, without sacrificing the learning needs of the rest of the class.

How it works

Mentava is your partner in driving educational success across your entire district. Designed for scale, our educational app delivers a consistent, premium learning experience to students at all levels. By emphasizing effectiveness, efficiency, and acceleration, Mentava ensures that every student can achieve their full potential. For district administrators focused on making cost-effective, impactful purchasing decisions, Mentava represents an investment in the future leaders of our world.

In the pursuit of educational excellence at a district level, the choice of tools is critical. Mentava offers a solution that blends premium quality with scalability, ensuring that students across a district enjoy access to the most effective and efficient learning resources. Our platform is designed to accelerate learning outcomes and maximize student potential, making it the ideal choice for district administrators committed to fostering an environment where every student thrives.


For district administrators, ensuring that all students have access to the best educational resources is a top priority. Mentava's software-based daily tutor offers a scalable, premium educational experience that drives effectiveness and efficiency in learning. Our solution is designed to seamlessly integrate into any school, providing a consistent, high-quality learning experience that accelerates student success across a district. Mentava elevates the standard of education in every classroom, preparing students for a brighter future.