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20 minutes a day is all it takes to prepare your child for college-level math and computer science in elementary school

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Early reading

Does your toddler enjoying reading books with you? Are they showing interest in words and letters? In 20 minutes a day, our Mentava Minis program gets 2- and 3- year olds reading fluently in under a year.

Love of learning

Kids are natural learners. They have an innate drive to learn to walk, learn to talk, and discover the world in general. Reading and math are simply the natural next steps in their progression of understanding the world around them.

20 minutes a day

Spending about 20 minutes a day, we find our 5 year-olds can master over 2 years of math in a year, entering 1st grade ready to do 4th grade math.

AP Computer Science in elementary school

At this accelerated pace, we anticipate our students being ready for algebra before 5th grade. Algebra is the pre-requisite for AP Computer Science, and we will support that curriculum when our first cohort of students is ready for it.


Ready to apply?

Mentava accepts 2- and 3-year-olds who have begun showing interest in letters and their sounds. Within a year, your child should be reading fluently and ready to transition to our math program.